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35e16ffc33 2010-07-27 17:42:58 Documentation Review   Complete the web site
3cd988f2da 2011-08-09 16:45:00 Code_Defect Closed   Compile without CUDA
c164678811 2011-08-09 17:08:33 Code_Defect Closed   Compile without FFTW (and Fourier domain methods support)
a1b62980d4 2010-08-30 22:48:11 Code_Defect Open   Provide project files and compile with Visual Studio
3364b2f5eb 2013-04-04 22:15:30 Feature_Request Fixed   Provide double precision
5ad3e9fcbb 2013-06-16 11:11:41 Feature_Request Fixed   Provide a Matlab interface