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Artifact ID: 635432a3bbd50db9f7dc711484ebd9262e47a967
Ticket: 3364b2f5ebc70589779147a05af7eec2699b725c
Provide double precision
Date: 2011-08-09 17:40:44
User: nikos

  1. Change comment to:

    A user should be able to compute in double precision in both cpu and/or gpu (if that hardware capability is available). Thus the library should have double and single versions of the routines simultaneously.

    A user may choose at installation time to build single only, double only, or both (the default).

  2. Change severity to "Critical"
  3. Change status to "Open"
  4. Change title to "Provide double precision"
  5. Change type to "Feature_Request"