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FLCC: Fast computation of Local Correlation Coefficients


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The Fast Local Correlation Coefficients (FLCC) Library is a software tool that provides an interface for the fast computation of two fundamental image processing operations: the distribution of Correlation Coefficients with Local Normalization (also known as LCCs) and the sum of Convolution, between an image (or a stream of images) and an image template. LCCs and Convolution are basic image-based information processing steps that find numerous applications in a wide spectrum of areas concerning image processing and computer vision, such as template or pattern matching, image registration, motion detection and many more.


FLCC provides a simple yet powerful interface for carrying out the computations. The performance benefit is achieved by the following routes:

The FLCC Library Version 1.5 features:

Version 1.5 compiles under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows (via Cygwin).

Related Publications

  1. X. Sun, N. P. Pitsianis, and P. Bientinesi, Fast computation of local correlation coefficients, Proc. SPIE 7074, 707405 (2008)
  2. G. Papamakarios, G. Rizos, N. P. Pitsianis, and X. Sun Fast computation of local correlation coefficients on graphics processing units, Proc. SPIE 7444, 744412 (2009)

This work was supported in part by NSF, a Marie Curie IR grant and equipment donation by NVIDIA.


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